Dear Netflix and Hulu…

19 11 2008

Look up. It’s called Canada. We want your content too. Do it.




They said to Jump In… [Update]

27 02 2008

I know it’s spelled JUMPED. It’s a joke!

Today my local EB Games finally dropped the price of the HD DVD add-on I’ve had on hold for the last two-weeks. $45 CND later and I got myself an HD DVD player!

I’m excited about the possibilities for the future of the platform and am glad I spent my hard earned monies to buy it.

Oh…. what the hell…..

Update: Joking aside, I thought it was a good time to grab the drive. $44.99 for it at my local EB Games with the King Kong freebie still neatly tucked inside. Also, the fact that the 5 Free HD DVDs expires TOMORROW helps!

I ended up dropping $10 of my own cash after trading in a game I don’t play anymore. $10 for an HD DVD player and 6 free movies? Do want. Did buy.

Teh New Hotness…

9 02 2008

the new phone… so slick

I needed a new phone, so I decided to go all out and pick up the latest (at least in my area) HTC Window Mobile phone. Came standard with the meh Mobile 5.0 but HTC was offering free Windows Mobile 6 upgrades online.

This thing is fantastic so far. Wi-fi and Windows Media player alone are going to make this worth the price tag.

Now I can load up the latest episodes of the Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancast and listen on-teh-go.

I just need to find some decent software for it and all will be perfect with the world.

Also, if you have any mobile access and are dying to check your favorite Xbox 360 website, remember Xbox 360 is mobile on: