Seemed like a good idea at the time … ladies

10 07 2008

Remember my great idea of posting everything I do every week? Well, that didn’t pan out. The thing about writing at a blog for 5+ days a week means you don’t really want to look at another blog on your off time!

It’s like when I worked as a manager for EB Games. You are surrounded by videogames and sometimes you need a book or a movie.

Speaking of which. Right now I’m reading a couple of books. Top of the list is “Don’t Get Too Comfortable” by David Rakoff. Rakoff is a newly christened American after living in the States as a visiting Canadian for nearly twenty years. The book is a funny look on the process of being an American.

Also on the list is “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” by David Sedaris. Haven’t really dived into that one enough to talk about it but it is notable that Sedaris moved to to the Far East to write it and to quit smoking. Yes, moved half way across the globe to quit smoking! I should do that myself.

BigCast 003 is pretty entertaining, if only because it was a total clusterf***! I was hella tired and stressed out during recording. The entertaining parts will be the outtakes and the bonus chapter I’m planning on including which saw Akela, Kyle and I jaw on about comics. Fun stuff.

Bought a brand spanking new MacBook. Pimp as shit.

The X3F Fancast Friends group on Facebook has some hilarious photoshops of me and the guys. Props to Richard Elliot. For some reason the group isn’t allowing images to be uploaded anymore, but Rich is looking into it. No, it wasn’t disabled by any of us!

E3 is next week. Scary stuff for me personally as it’s the first E3 I’ll be really entrenched in. I won’t be there but with Rich and Dustin gone it’s up to Terrence and myself to get things done.

It goes without saying but the Fancast is going to be a little odd this week. It’s going to be Rich, Dustin and Alexander talking about E3 on a nightly basis. As for Terrence and I … wait and see!

I’d keep writing but I have work to do and need to go buy Civilization Revolution!!!!!




4 responses

11 07 2008

Xav, i like your side blog a lot and wished you paid more attention to it, also, i seem to like the books you like so keep coming with the comments on what your reading, World War Z was wonderful and a new favorite (im waiting for the movie), keep it up.

11 07 2008

Also, i was wondering if you knew if i can download the canadian theme and gamerpics, i liked them a lot and was looking for them on the marketplace but alas, no avail.

23 07 2008

hey xav, when recording game clips for x3f or here, what setup do you use? any info would be great.

3 08 2008

I agreed with you

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