“What I learned about reviews, MGS4 and Edge” by Xav de Matos.

11 06 2008
  • 8 out of 10 is like saying you’d rather shit yourself in line for a movie than make love to a beautiful woman
  • Roger Ebert expresses his feelings too much
  • The Garfield movie, while disappointing, can be an enjoyable experience for some
    All fanboy idiots are Republicans
  • An 8 represents a conspiracy, fiasco and/or mass payoffs from a competitor’s console manufacturer
  • Without a 10 out of 10 some fanboys cannot live and thus may kill themselves
  • Without a detailed breakdown of each lost point from a review, the review cannot stand and thus is only down-scoring the game too appear unbiased
  • If an outlet gives an unexpected score they are officially deemed a poor company to¬†follow and can no longer be trusted
  • Giving MGS4 an 8 is to increase credibility of a reviewer or outlet for giving Halo, GTAIV and Super Mario Galaxy better scores–and while MGS4 is not available yet, it is infinitely better than all games combined
  • Games considered to be system sellers must be scored between 9-9.9 and can never get a score lower

These ridiculous points and more can be found at Joystiq.com regarding the Edge 8/10 score of Metal Gear Solid 4. When did an 8/10 turn into a bad score? I think people might be getting a little crazy for the game not getting perfect 10s across the board.




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