Welcome to BigDownload.com

10 05 2008

PC Gamers rejoice! Winblogs Inc., AOL and GameDaily have joined forces to bring PC gamers the ultimate gaming site dedicated to computer games. Welcome to BigDownload.com! A download focused site which includes a news blog, powered by Joystiq, that is always up-to-date with the best in PC gaming news.

But Big Download isn’t only about PC games. Console gamers can download high-definition trailers and gameplay videos of their favorite games too!

Like a specific game and want to stay on top of all its content? Big Download offers a great games tracker that pings you at login with the newest content for your favorite games!

How much would you pay for this? $100. $1 million?!

Hells no. Big Download is free of charge. No waiting in lines like those other sites hoping you’ll pay an annual subscription fee to bypass ridiculous queues.

Right now BigDownload.com is in Beta. So poke around and tell us what you think and help us make Big Download the biggest download site evAr!

I bring it up cuz I kinda write there now too… don’t worry. I’m still with Xbox360Fanboy.com as well! I’ve just doubled my workload is all!




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