Battlefield: Bad Company capture test is also new beta footage!

2 04 2008

I picked up a video capture device for work the other day and I’ve had a blast playing around with it. Over at X3F we have our weekly X3F TV segments, and since I’ve always been a strong proponent of features and ch33v0Z I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use my new device to create something cool.

That something was (and is) POINTS>LIFE, a weekly achievement point hunting tips/tricks video for X3F – which I think will hit every Tuesday (but I don’t know for sure yet).

You might notice some scan lines in the first P>L video and that’s because I didn’t know to de-interlace (Thanks to Joystiq boss Chris Grant for the tip). In the video that will hit tomorrow (sorry it’s not about Points!) the footage looks a little blurrier than the COD4 Points video. Since the Points vid and this vid were captured around the same time I didn’t interlace it either, but while converting the .avi file to .mp4 I discovered a softening setting and it ditched the scan lines in favor of the blurriness.

Above is the video captured with the Pinnacle Movie Box Plus using Studio 11 transferring the 1080i signal through S-Video (so it’s faux HD) in 702×400 Progressive Widescreen. Since progressive was selected I didn’t have the need for de-interlacing and it came out pretty solid. So, as an added benefit you can see me on a nice little killing spree in the Battlefield: Bad Company beta — which didn’t last too long.




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