Think I’m turning Japanese…

21 03 2008

Thanks to DJ Wheat and the EP tutorial video I added 3000¥ to my Japanese PS3 account. There were a few reasons I wanted to do this.

1. Just to see if it actually worked
2. The PS1 Classic collection on the Japanese PSN is awesome
3. Silent Bomber

Yeah, #3 is directly related to #2. Silent Bomber was a game that I discovered when it launched in Canada back in 1999 that none of my friends even had any idea about. I remember picking up the box at the store and cursing how ugly the art was and thought “I have to play this crap.”

Turns out it was incredible.

When I heard that Silent Bomber made it’s way to the Japanese PSN store I had to get it, since I seriously doubt it’ll hit the North America store anytime … evAr.

Since 600¥ for Silent Bomber is cheaper than grabbing a PS1 version on eBay for $30, I did it. Along with remote play, it’s awesome! I can’t just transfer it over to my PSP because the game was downloaded from a different account (the Japanese one if you’re keeping score) so I have to play it remotely. It’s still as much fun as I remember.

With the remaining 2400¥ I grabbed the classic shooter, R-Type Delta and the recently releases Echochrome. Everything is in Japanese, but you can manage to get around pretty easily if you don’t speak the language (which I don’t).

On top of that, an import copy of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword made it’s way to me yesterday and I’ve been rocking that pretty hard.

I wrote some impressions of the demo a while ago on the old site I worked for, and it’s essentially the same thing. It’s pretty fun in bursts, but I wouldn’t say it will keep you glued to your handheld (although nothing keeps me gluded to the DS or PSP). Again, like the PSN games the entire thing is in Japanese… and you will get to a point where you might get stuck. I suggest hitting up forums or GameFAQs for info if you get into trouble.

I want to apologize to anyone who has sent me Xbox Live game invites for Halo 3 in the last few days. Every Wednesday night and Thursday morning I’m usually on taking screenshots and making film clips for that week’s Community Content feature, so I usually can’t play.

Hopefully we’re going to do a MASSIVE rolling Halo 3 night where the team will play rotating Community Content with a rotating group of readers. No deets on this yet since the idea just came to me and I’d need to speak to the team.

You’ll notice a new header and positions for the sidebars, thought this place needed a little spring winter cleaning. Also, how did I forget to mention cheevoz! Thanks Zebra Niner for the reminder!

Can’t think of anything else to say right now, thinking about finishing off Lost Season 2.





4 responses

25 03 2008

Wow, Xav… you’ve really it a new low… a japanese PS3 account? And on that matter, a PS3?

25 03 2008
Xav de Matos

Oh no! What have I done?!

26 03 2008

You are very welcome for the reminder. You are the greatest supporter of the ch33volution (just coined that word). 🙂

1 04 2008

Your Xbox Community membership card please. 😉 We don’t get along with the Japanese nor they with us unless your name is Capcom. Ha! I so wish that wasn’t true.

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