My Bionic Problem

18 03 2008

Last night, after thinking for about 10 minutes about how I wanted to get a PSP (since I got rid of my launch unit back in the day) I just went out and grabbed one. I planned on waiting until the red God of War unit released, but I wanted it asap.

Sidetrack, shopping with me for ANYTHING is a pain. I go to the store with something in mind (electronics, clothes or whatever) and will buy the first thing I see that meets the requirements because I don’t like shopping at all.

OK so back to my story, went to a store and decided on the white PSP Star Wars bundle. They had the silver Daxter bundle but I didn’t like the color (even though I kinda wanna try that game and it came with a 1GB stick). After that I hit up my local FutureShop and nabbed a SanDisk 4GB stick for $50.

The reason I bought the PSP was for remote play. To be able to play any PS1 game I stuck into my PS3 from any access point in the world is INSANE and I had to own it! I did, tested it and it works… laggy yes, but working.

Now onto my problem. Bionic Commando Rearmed is hitting both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Xbox 360 has sweet-sweet ch33vos BUT the PS3 version has remote play!

I’m leaning toward the PS3 version but I enjoy XBLA titles since my library is so… vast… but to be able to bring that experience with me anywhere is VERY appealing.

Hrmm… tough call.

Also, thanks to former 1UP site director John Davison at What They Play for the shout-out for the story I did on his newest venture, I didn’t notice the shout-out until one of the readers linked it to me. If any of my readers are gaming-savvy parents the site is a must read and a must recommend to lame non-gaming parents you know.




3 responses

18 03 2008
Grim Santo

I say stick with the XBL version of Bionic Commando. A games like that would play pretty crappy even with the littlest of lag.

19 03 2008

Oh, it’s like a “WYR”, portability vs. sweet ch33v0z. Well, you have to decide… just how sweet are those ch33v0z? Also, how much are you going to be playing that PSP? Just buy both, rumor has it you bloggers are as rich as Texas oil tycoons.

8 04 2008

That remote play sounds awesome. It makes me wish that Microsoft has a protable game machine.

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