Blog’s New Look

16 03 2008

Dunners (aka Dustin) let me know that the old version of my site didn’t scale properly for those of you who don’t run your monitors at 1280×1024 (or something like that).

That in mind I decided to use a different theme, from a list of other ugly ones, and redesigned the blog.

While it isn’t exactly what I’d like, it’s one of the few good looking options available to me via WordPress.

How is this version scaling?




2 responses

16 03 2008
Eric Hoglund

Its okay, the contrast is a bit much. I proffered the old blog theme over this one. That being said, totally envious over your 1000 in Halo. Something I will probably never acheive all because of stupid, stupid free for all.

17 03 2008

I like the new look… it’s “good times”. However, upon further review, I do not see anything relating to your support of the word cheevo/ch33vz. I am disappointed.

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