True signs of an Achievement junkie

6 03 2008
Using the language trick will show those unlocked points in the setting they were achieved in.

My fellow X3F Army leader, Dustin, had a call to arms for our readers tonight to help him get the elusive Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement. Loyal listeners of the Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancast will know that Dustin has been looking to get that ch33vo since December 2007!

Well, once we got a suitable group of Achievement Hounds together for the task we took to Rumble Pit and prayed for a map with a Ghost.

Of course that didn’t happen, not right away.
After playing a quick swords match we loaded back into the lobby and waited patiently for the next map to load.

Dustin joked that we should have taken bets for how long it would take to get the right map… and then we got it. That’s right. Second try and it was ours.

Dustin sounded like a giddy schoolkid and nearly had a heart attack as some of the readers clicked VETO just to toy with his heart.

Finally, after months of searching he got it and so did I.

But I wasn’t done there. Hearing that the language trick still worked for Halo 3 I changed my settings to Chinese and searched for a Lone Wolves match in that language region.

My first match was met by a horde of screaming guys, “Achievement match?!”

Oh yes. Achievement match indeed good sirs.

Am I proud? Am I happy?

Well let’s look at it this way, anyone who would dare say anything about this has done something in the past they wouldn’t ordinarily do for points. Be it play a game you know is bad or buy as many Live Arcade titles to pad out the score.

IF you still want to call me out on it and have no shady points-past then I say this to you sir and/or madam….

After getting the other 38,468 points legitimately… You’re damn right I’m happy.





4 responses

6 03 2008


Are clever.

I’ll give you that Xav.

Also, you owe me Gears PC time. Kidding.

-Eric H.

6 03 2008
Grim Santo

I was down to help but you left me high and dry… haha…

6 03 2008

Sweet, sweet ch33vZ!

7 03 2008

I did this a while ago at my local Australian Xbox fansite and we had ten guys in two of five teams playing Lone Wolf in Portugese. Only took about 30 minutes for everyone to get everything they wanted.

For me it was Stepping Razor, Overkill and the Spartan Laser Achievement. Looking back on the video it was pretty funny watching a chorus line of 4 Spartans jostle to stand in a neat row and then get lasered.

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