6 HD DVDs for $70 bucks? Do want.

5 03 2008

Hey, HD DVD is dead. Yeah. Okay. But I like me some movies and I like me some Picture-in-Picture special features (mostly only found on HD DVD).So when Richard dropped knowledge that the Bourne Trilogy on HD DVD was selling for $29.99 on Amazon.com I had to partake. I always assumed that only Amazon.ca would ship to Canada, but luckily enough for me so does the American side of the company.

While making my way to the shopping cart I noticed the Ocean’s Trilogy (11, the shitty 12 and the Al Pacino fueled 13) was selling for $34.99 I couldn’t resist. So, six HD DVDs which all rated quite well on my favorite HD Movie Review site, for $70? In my eyes, it’s a steal.

Now I only need 300, Transformers and Tokyo Drift and I can call my HD DVD hunt off.

PS. Maybe it’s just me being a proud new owner but I kinda sorta think HD DVD looks better… Maybe I’m wrong though…




One response

5 03 2008
Grim Santo

That is a pretty sweet deal. If only I wasn’t broke. =(

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