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3 03 2008

lostviadomusboxart.jpgSome of you noticed I started playing the LOST (Lost: Via Domus that is) game for the Xbox 360 over the weekend and one marathon session later I was done the game with the full 1000 cheevs it included.

This was bittersweet for me.

OK, so on this week’s Fancast you’ll hear me call the game “horse shit” but it’s actually not that bad.

Considering Ubi Soft has released garbage like the CSI games on console (point and click adventures ftw!) the LOST game is actually pretty decent.

The first 30 mins will make you want to punch a dog though. When you crash land on island and make your way to the beach where the other survivors are you have to run around looking for the right people to talk to. The problem here is that EVERY tiny item on the ground, be it luggage or coconut, will make you stop in your tracks while you’re running.

Touch pretty much anything and you stop. Your character lacks the physical prowess to lift his leg over a bag I guess because you need to avoid everything on the ground.

The game has an interesting enough storyline considering I don’t watch the show since a dramatic version of Gilligan’s Island never appealed to me, but the voice acting was terrible. Only a few of the actual actors lend their voices, odd since every character has been modeled realistically to look like their real-life counterpart. Oh, and of those few actual voices fan-faves Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer aren’t the legit VO’s. Oh, but you get that dude Ben… so, good luck with that.

If anything the game has made me interested in the show. My ex-girlfriend, an assortment of friends and my sister all love it off so I know of the storyline – so it was easy for me to figure out that the game spans from Season 1 to Season 3. So, I’ve actually decided to give season one a look.

Oh teh noes! Ubi & ABC’s marketing ploy worked!




5 responses

3 03 2008

The game is good, sometimes the puzzles destroy any momentum but after that you are running away from the black smoke with dynamite!
also if you are an achievement whore this it the game for you!

4 03 2008

I think you’ll like the game more once you watch the show. I didn’t encounter the stopping in mid-run too often. As far as games based on tv/movies go I think Lost was a really good effort.

4 03 2008
Mitchell Dyer

Friends are constantly recommending this to me – I don’t have the time, but I think the show could be okay.

Were the achievements worth the effort? I have such little patience for games, it is unbelievable.

4 03 2008

Most of the points you get for going through the standard story mode, but a good chunk come from taking pictures of specific things. It can become a pain, but I only really go frustrated during one part when the black smoke chases you.

In the very beginning of the game Locke tells you that you can hit inside bamboo trees, but I just assumed he meant you can literally stand behind them, because the game doesn’t actually make you do it as a tutorial. What he means is if you run toward bamboo and run at it you end up inside in a first-person perspective.

Without this knowledge the Dark Territory area of the game is impossible. If you get there, youtube it.

5 03 2008

I just finished the game, 750 easy points.
I believe you need a nice sound system in order to know where the black smoke is coming and from where.
my only complain.. the game is too short.
less than 10 hours of gameplay.

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