HD DVD add-on meets the Blu-ray player

29 02 2008


With the Xbox 360 in between, I can officially call this one an awkward moment………




7 responses

29 02 2008
Mitchell Dyer

Seeing a 360 with so little breathing room is scary, sir.

29 02 2008
Grim Santo

Nice Setup, It like a next gen group hug.

29 02 2008

@Mitchell: Oh, the window in the room keeps it nice and cool in there! No RRoD for me as of yet… although, on my 5th console (Might be 4th, I lost count).

@Grim: And the Wii is in the living room… cuz, you know…

1 03 2008
Grim Santo

@ Xav: True, The Wii is the family/friend system of choice these days…as long as you don’t count Rockband.

3 03 2008
3 03 2008
Thrills Killa

Isn’t that Magical? 🙂

3 03 2008
Can’t we all just get along? « The Xbox Domain

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