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25 02 2008

So The Level Grind Blog took a leap into the domain name pool today. All of you (you five that is) can update your bookmarks to point to thelevelgrind.com

Dustin recommended GoDaddy since all I needed was a redirect, wordpress is fine and dandy for me – for now.

I picked up Gears of War on PC today, only a few weeks after grabbing it on Xbox 360 again. Why? Points of course… but more on that later.

I’m running a decent rig here. Dual core Intel P4 @ 2.8ghz a core. Radeon x1950 pro and a gig of ram but this thing is CHUGGING. My computer is notoriously horrible, I swear it has more viruses than Windows NT and it doesn’t help that I’m running Vista – which desperately needs that first service pack to be released. In Gears PC, I jumped into a multiplayer match after knocking all the settings down to low and when it finally loaded I couldn’t move. It was horrible.

I windowed it @ 800×600 and tried single-player and that was a no go. It works but a one-legged man is quicker than my pc was running the nearly 2 year old title.

The issue is RAM. I’m slopping around with two 512mb sticks of DDR400 and it’s not working out for me. The next purchase will be the best DDR400 ram I can grab, since it isn’t the norm anymore.

I sent a few Live messages to friends I know own the HD DVD add-on to see if they were willing to part with it, that was a no go. They’re doing what I want to do, stock-pile HD DVDs when they drop to insanely low prices. I’ve said it before, I think that current HD DVDs has a better feature set than most Blu-ray movies and I’d like to go grab HD versions of the Bourne flicks, 300, American Gangster and a few others.

So outside of X3F I’m in college and have another part-time job in retail, but that’s about to change. I’m probably ditching the other job in favor of focusing what little spare time I have on finishing up my program – which is almost done. Knuckles told me I should probably have something else on the side for pocket money and while he’s totally right, I’ve just got so much on my plate it’s harder to deal with than that last airplane level in COD4 on Veteran.

So Gears on PC. Funny thing I learned, as everyone did a long time ago, is that the PC and Xbox 360 version have almost the exact same achievements (only one is different and the extra ones aren’t added on the PC version) and not only that but you can go get them all over again since the PC version is considered a different game. Points don’t matter you say? Well, maybe you should just click that little X in the top right corner now sir… cuz they do.

I have a long list of games I’ve added to my pile of shame. Games I own and neglected or games I bought and haven’t even played.

I grabbed Titan Quest and the expansion a few months back and really wanna dive into that. Company of Heroes was a staple during my gaming sessions, but I haven’t been able to play it in a while – see the PC problems above for answers.

Today at my local EB (they still exist in Canada) I grabbed Phantasy Star Universe for $9, figured I could squeeze a few points outta there eventually and a few points cards for future releases (IKARUGA!).

A while back I padded the Xbox 360 library with Perfect Dark Zero (which I hated btw) again for $5, Crackdown new was $10 on Boxing Day as was Stuntman: Ignition, which I played to the end and quickly put it back on the shelf. Added others like Condemned, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, The Red Star (PS2), Saint’s Row and Superman Returns (yeah I know it’s terrible… but even bad games have points – the flying is cool enough for the $10 I paid).

My what’cha playing list (see the ride side there?) has gone old school and I’m loving it. Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Still one of my favorites, I don’t care how broken it is! Lost Odyssey might as well be ancient because the gameplay is such a throwback. I’m on the fence with the game right now, but I’m still going through it out of interest (not only because of the points).

When I was a kid I could play through Final Fantasy VII, VIII, Chrono Trigger and Cross and never get bored… but now, I just don’t have it in me. Maybe the shooter is to blame because before there wasn’t anything like a Halo or Gears or Resistance that grabbed my attention. Yeah, that Resistance.

Shout out to crYm fYtr who tipped me off to the Xbox 360 Dashboard theme to use with my new HTC Smartphone. It looks crazy, like full on 99’s. Thanks man.





3 responses

25 02 2008
Mitchell Dyer

Too much dude, you need to slow the hell down! Pace yourself or you’ll have a bigger pile of oh-shit-I-never-finished-those games. That’s worse than never having played them at all!

I considered Gears for the PC – my PC is better than yours, except in the video card department, where I can’t even run Sam and Max at high quality in a window. Everything else works fine, though. Damn laptops, they’re so hard to get upgraded too. Oh well, I may be a gigantic achievement whore, but I’m not shelling out tons o’ cash to get a few more points.

26 02 2008
Eric Hoglund

Hey, just wanted to let you know, maybe its time for a new mobo, ram, cpu upgrade?

I cant tell you that with a core 2 duo and 2 gigs of ram. Gears will run infinitely smoother.

Granted I’m running a 2.33gig core 2 with 4 gigs of RAM and an 8800GT. *which can play gears on almost everything high at 1680×1050, and crysis barely runs on very high but still playable* That sounded way too braggy….nevermind that last bit.

Anyways, I think that could do wonders for your PC problems. Price wise, maybe not so much, although you could snag them all for a little over 600$, maybe cheaper if you know where to look.

I look forward to reading more updates, keep it up!

Eric H.
Gamertag: GoesBoGoes *which is retarted and I am changing it on friday.*

27 02 2008

I actually got it running on mid-level specs. I’m supposed to be able to pump it out on full-tilt but I’m cool with playing it at the mid-range.

I am only in it for the points that is. If you have it we should hook up some co-op. POINTS!!!!!!111!

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