22 02 2008

Wow, it’s been a few days since I updated but what can I say – its been busy.

It’s been a solid two weeks since I’ve gone to bed before 3-4am EST. Other than bringing the news to the X3F Army, I’m on the media relations team for the 2008 Humber College Art Show along with trying to maintain my school schedule and a part-time job.

Sleep has taken the back seat to working with the great Joystiq network, college, parties, smoking cigarettes and drinking plenty of coffee. TIM HORTONS FTW!

A lot of cool stuff has happened lately, one of the coolest has to be the upcoming XBLA game Schizoid having an achievement inspired by! Richard Mitchell has grabbed all the deets you need.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on a few new features we started on X3F you’ve already seen COMMUNITY CONTENT where we break down the best content available for Halo 3 and WOULD YOU RATHER … a weekly pick-one of these and bitch about it in the comments story. This week is all about Halo so go VOTE!

Speaking of Halo, COMMUNITY CONTENT might not only be Halo 3 related in the future… hrmmmmm…

Oh and before I wrap this up like a jimmy-hat. Why is this post called Addiction+? Simple. Go download n+ on XBLA on the asap… it’s 12 kinds of awesome.




3 responses

25 02 2008
Mitchell Dyer

Tim Horton’s does it for me about 30x more than N+ did. N+ felt too loose, and I couldn’t get the hang of the controls. After hitting an explosive right at the end of a long level, it’s agonizing to have to do it again.

Also, Ninjas do NOT collect gold/loot. That stuff is for the far superior pirates.

25 02 2008

Blasphemy! Ninjas > Pirates

25 02 2008
Mitchell Dyer

I think you’re delirious with all the blogging you’ve been doing, sir.

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