Teh New Hotness…

9 02 2008

the new phone… so slick

I needed a new phone, so I decided to go all out and pick up the latest (at least in my area) HTC Window Mobile phone. Came standard with the meh Mobile 5.0 but HTC was offering free Windows Mobile 6 upgrades online.

This thing is fantastic so far. Wi-fi and Windows Media player alone are going to make this worth the price tag.

Now I can load up the latest episodes of the Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancast and listen on-teh-go.

I just need to find some decent software for it and all will be perfect with the world.

Also, if you have any mobile access and are dying to check your favorite Xbox 360 website, remember Xbox 360 is mobile on: http://m.xbox360fanboy.com




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13 02 2008
Mitchell Dyer

I’m considering a Smart-Phone, though I really have no use for one. I just like the idea of e-mailing and IMing on my phone without the trouble of my stupid “Chocolate”.

These barely look like phones, but I still dig the hell out of them.

14 02 2008
crYm fYtr


Your commentary on the fancast was, in a word, awesome. You complement Richard, Dustin, and Alexander well, and your sarcasm is greatly appreciated.

Also if you think the phone is cool now, wait til you see the 360 skin you could put on it:


keep up the excellent work!

14 02 2008

I pick up one of these myself. I got a “refurbished” out of Ebay for less than $200 CND shipping included.
The phone was brand new or close to brand new, in mint condition, was unlocked and unbranded.
I got the WM6 out of the new as well and installed it with no problem.
I am using with Fido now and I cannot be more happy.

BTW congrats for the XBOX 360 fanboy podcast.

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