One Week In: X3F thoughts & the art of never being a perfect writer

9 02 2008

Most of the readers who visit this blog are coming from my new home at and some have been kind enough to message me and ask how I like it so far.

In short. It’s incredible.

When I started off at TheBBPS I was one guy going into a three-man team. It was an awkward situation because I didn’t know if my personality would mesh well with the team there and I was lucky enough that it did. I had the same feeling coming into the Joystiq network but incredible welcome I received from the Joystiq family has been outstanding. My working relationship with the team at X3F has been a lot of mini-lessons. Formating, grammar and creativity are just a few things I’m learning more and more about with this team.

As much as I can say about being a writer, the only thing you can do to get better is to keep writing. No matter what you’re thinking or feeling, writing is how you can become better at your craft.

In Canada, and tell me how it is elsewhere, there are Colleges and Universities. Universities are almost always the theory of your major, the whats, the whys and the who’s.   College is all practical. How. That’s it. Sure you learn theory, but the force the how over and over again. How do you become a writer? Write.

One of my professors was the VP of one of the largest PR agencies in Canada and she always used to say, “I’m never going to be a perfect writer.” It’s true. No matter what, there is always something to learn and an angle to take. Write as much as you can about what you love.  That’s how I started.

I began writing freelance, emphasis on FREE, for about a year and change before I was considered for the X3F gig. School, other jobs, girlfriend and I made the time to go to events and get as much info as possible to write as much as possible.

My posts tend to be a cynical and sarcastic look at a situation because that’s who I am. I’m a sarcastic guy. I like to find the funny in anything. The response has been mostly positive, which is great. The great thing about Richard and the rest of the Joystiq network is that they urge us to look at things and report them in creative ways. Take Ludwig’s Activison post. A conference call? That’s not a sexy topic people, but a guy as seasoned as Ludwig is on Joystiq made that post hilarious.

I won’t lie, some of my “funny” posts might be groaners and I want you to call me out on it. Really it’s all about being a better writer and I can stand to get a lot better, but as I get better the information I give you becomes that much more entertaining to digest.

I had a great conversation with David Dreger, aka Knuckles Dawson, over Xbox Live tonight about taking over his seat at X3F (but really KD can’t be replaced for the fans), being Canadian, his points history, my previous work, my name and a chance meeting we had a last year in Toronto. But that’s all a story for another day… or maybe a podcast? Hmmm…

Speaking of which, if all goes well you might be able to hear me on the Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancast this week (as in episode 55) where I’ll finally be able to formally introduce myself to you the readers– sorry we didn’t think we’d have to waste a post to introduce my sorry ass… but some people were genuinely offended that I came outta nowhere without a hello. So for that I’m sorry and hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.




2 responses

13 02 2008
Thrills Killa

Good luck with it! I’m holding things down on the WordPress side of things with The Xbox Domain. 🙂

20 02 2008

Have fun Xav. I don’t know who this Thrills Killa guy is. You might want to keep and eye out for him. Somethings fishy. 😉

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