True Story: How I almost missed a career changing moment… twice

3 02 2008

About, oh I don’t know, eight months ago(?) I noticed one of my favourite blogs ( was shopping for some new staff members. I’d been a few months into a stint as a staff writer for and wondered if applying for the X3F job was a good idea.

There were a few reasons I thought it was a bad idea.

I’d only been a gaming journalist for a while, school was in full swing and I didn’t want to leave the gents at BBPS high-n-dry. But on the flip side; I knew my writing ability was pretty decent, I grabbed a few exclusive stories in my time and I had to think about the next step in my career.

I applied. January rolled around and I thought my hopes were gone, months had passed and I didn’t hear back from X3F regarding my application…and then… January 4th hit. Richard Mitchell, lead blogger at X3F, sent out a blanket email to a few potential candidates letting us know that we still had a shot to impress for the gig.

The problem is I had just stepped off a plane the day the submissions were due. Syncing up my Blackberry when I hit Pearson I saw the email at 10:30am– the deadline was for 12pm that afternoon.

The application was simple enough, write three posts that could be posted without edits complete with images and a headline. Racing to bag check to grab my suitcase (where I stuffed the laptop charger I’d need to turn my crappy dead Compaq on) I must have looked like I was late for the running of the bulls. Ducking and weaving through heavy flesh traffic (aka people) I made it to conveyor and waited. The importance of purchasing colourful baggage didn’t make sense to me until that moment when an assembly line of black bags poured into the area, ripe for the picking.

“Oh fuck me.” I whispered under my breath, or so I thought until I locked eyes with a woman in her mid-40s that shook her head at my foul language.

Now, I’ve never been a violent man… but I think I might be wanted for aggravated assault after rifling through hordes or baggage while throwing elbows with my fellow Canakerans.

At around 11am I plugged in my laptop and booted it up and waited… and waited… I really need a new laptop.

I remembered the topics I picked, while racing through the terminal, for the posts I had to write. Banged them out quickly, photoshop’ed a few pictures, attached them and clicked send at 11:59am.

In a nick of time.

Nearly a month went by and I gave up hope. Then, while sitting in a seminar for Not-for-profit public relation techniques an email from Richard made me literally throw my arms up like I was signaling a touchdown.

X3F decided to select me as one of their two new staff additions. To be honest I couldn’t be happier, prouder or more nervous about the entire situation.

The papers have been signed and sent and now I wait for my new gig to begin.

It’ll be exciting to get back to the daily blogging grind and working with the staff at X3F and learning from their experience is only going to help me, my ability and my career.

I work for, it feels amazing just to be able to say that.




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