I Caved or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Rock Band

17 01 2008

After seeing, and covering, Rock Band at a few industry events and never being tempted to play the damn game I thought there would be no chance for the title to sneak its way into my collection.

I was wrong.

After watching drones of my friends list flock to the game I became more and more tempted to check it out.  The initial song list for the game isn’t terribly exciting.

While they have a few staples (for me at least) Weezer, Queens, The Who… good tracks to rock out to- it wasn’t enough for me to throw down the $170.

Also, another reason?  I’m not very good at these fucking games… I admit it.  I play the guitar for reals and Guitar games (Guitar Hero specifically) always made me feel like a chooch.

I can play the shit in real life, why can’t I figure it out in the game?!  I used to be a pretty proficient drummer too… so you’d see why I would be worried about throwing another $170 into the fire.

So why did I pick it up?

It’s the downloadable content that sealed the deal for me.

As promised during an interview I conducted with a Harmonix rep back in October, the track list has DOUBLED since the games release with fresh and fairly priced content.

Wolfmother?  CCR (albiet fake CCR)?  I’m gonna go with HELLS YEAH.

Having sat down with the guys at Harmonix and hearing them pitch these grand plans for new content and actually seeing it happen has made them one of the most respectable devs in the industry (in my eyes).

Having the game for one night, and only playing guitar and vocals, has already got me excited to delve deeper into the action.

Also, it affords me the rare chance to use the band name I’ve been keeping under my sleeve for a rainy day:


Rock on bitches and/or pimps.

(Ed. Note: I really hit the hot button topic of November 2007 with this post)
Aforementioned Rock Band Interview




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